Nutrition Consulting 

Getting a meal on the table can feel like a lot, but when you aren’t sure if your child will eat it or if you will end up making toast for dinner again, it is pretty hard to feel motivated to switch up the usual routine. 


On top of that, you might be dealing with allergies, sensory sensitivities, inability to sit still – and suddenly that brand new diet doesn’t seem possible. 

I’m here to help you with that- it is possible for your child to eat healthy foods that support their system and ease physical discomfort.  I will take you through the steps to introduce new food to your child, helping their bodies and brains to rebuild and flourish.  We will determine based on your child’s symptoms if a special diet is necessary and begin in a way that is manageable for your family. 


How It Works:

  • We start with a full intake so I get the whole picture of what is happening and can make realistic recommendations for both you and your child.
  • We meet online every two weeks to check in with how things are going, what is and isn’t working, and add on next steps
  • I make suggestions about meal time routine, brand ideas, supplements, recipes, foods to include and foods to remove
  • You have a plan to follow and someone to check in with and answer your specific questions, including email support between sessions 
  • Your child gets more nutrients into their body, leading to a reduction in symptoms and an increase in ease for your whole family! 


Individual consults: $125 for 60 minutes

Packages:  Five 60-minute consults for $575 (to be used within 3 months, savings of $50)

*Individual sessions are offered to help you with scheduling, I recommend no more than 2-3 weeks between consults.  This gives you enough time to make any changes we have discussed, and helps keep you on track and feeling supported through each step. 



Book Now:

Get started with a free 15 minute consult to answer your initial questions and talk more about how I can help.   Set up a session with me here.